Facebook cover and profile template for Gimp

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It is not that I like to play a lot with my Facebook profile or cover pictures, in fact, in 5 years I think I have just had 3 or 4 different profile pictures but lately I had some free time and I wanted to make something funny.

Thus, after doing some research I found a really nice Gimp template in Jason Klein’s Blog which I used to create something I had in mind. But a couple of days later I realized that Facebook changed something and it no longer worked properly so I decided to adapt that template to the new format.

With the template you can create pictures integrating both your cover and profile picture easily, here is the example I am using. I still have to add a text saying something like “Recursion KillS!. [caption id=”attachment_1365” align=”aligncenter” width=”450”]FB cover and profile FB cover and profile[/caption]

You can download the template with instructions included in the .xcf format here. (Remove the .jpg extension as Wordpress does not allow me to upload the .xfc file.

Go create! :D