Ciao Bella

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I’m obligated to write this post in English because it is dedicated to a person that despite she has spent lot of time surrounded by Spanish people she will probably understand it better in this universal language.

We’ve spent lot of time together partying, studying, buying, cooking, eating… and I think I know you enough to say that you’re one of the nicest persons I’ve ever known. We’ve share a bit more than with other people and therefore I know that I’m not wrong when thinking this about you.

As I told you, that was not a goodbye but a see you soon and I’m sure we’ll met again, maybe in Milano, maybe in Zaragoza, maybe in Copenhaguen. Anyway, untill I see you again, my best wishes, good luck and be as happy and always smiling as you’ve done in this 4 months. Thanks for everything. Eli_and_Jaime